Welcome to the RE AP Physics B 2009-10 Wiki run by, and for, the students (with a little moderation from their teacher).

An improved version of this website has been completed at the following location:



The uses of this website will likely change a bit as the year goes on, but this site is meant to be your resource for this class. The main ideas are that:

  • In creating links, finding pictures, and reorganizing notes, you will hopefully learn more about the material.
  • As you edit pages, you are creating the review outline for the midterm and AP exam, so make it as useful as possible (something you would want to go back and use)!
  • If you are absent, you can find notes, questions discussed in class, and useful links on this page.

If you think of other ways to use this site effectively for your benefit, just let me know and we can try to incorporate it!

Wiki Page Edit Assignment
- Make sure you divide up the main bullet points listed below on your Page somehow, at least with a "horizontal rule" dividing line.
- When you make an edit on the page, make sure to list your name in the "comment" box at the bottom of the page.

Each page should have the following:
  • Detailed notes on the topic.
    • Important definitions, equations, concepts, tables (there could be link to a document if you like, but preferrably not)
    • a synopsis of the notes per chapter
    • two or more conceptual questions (that could have been discussed in class), along with the answers

  • At least 5 relevant/interesting pictures with a short caption explaining why the picture was included.
    • include a working link to the webpage where you found the picture
    • If you go to National Physics Photo Contest Link (http://www.aapt.org/Contests/PhotoContest.cfm) you can find pictures and descriptions of relevant pictures (there are also links to see pictures taken by winners from previous years)

  • Links to at least 4 websites, including a note about why each was added. These sites could have:
    • a relevant article published in the last 5 years by a reliable source (as disputed by me)
      • Some sample sites could be: livescience, popular science, popular mechanics, etc.
    • useful/good notes
      • these would be links to pages that you think would be useful for classmates in trying to understand related content to the topic (not just any related link you find)

  • One or two working links to a video, including the reason(s) why you posted the link to the video and how it is relevant.

PAGE EDITOR(S): Mr. Natland